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LIQUI-PLEX® Minerals

Amino acid complexing for improved plant uptake and rapid effect.

Peak plant nutrition. Nutrient deficiencies can have an extensive impact on crops and crop yields. However, equipping plants with the framework of essential nutrients they require to flourish is a complex balancing act that requires more than a traditional fertilizer program.

Alltech is the world’s largest producer of organic trace minerals and is recognized as a leader in natural complexing and chelation technology. Our Liqui-Plex Mineral range utilizes amino acid complexing technology to quickly correct the nutrient deficiencies that can result from depleted soils.


Liqui-Plex® Cu

Bioavailable copper is essential to many plant enzymes and can improve fruit flavour, sugar content and shelf life.

Liqui-Plex Cu Label | SDS Sheet


Liqui-Plex® Mn

Bioavailable manganese can increase yields, particularly in manganese-hungry crops such as soybeans and wheat.

Liqui-Plex Mn Label | SDS Sheet

Liqui-Plex® Zn

Bioavailable zinc is essential for promoting certain metabolic enzyme systems, particularly during early growth stages. It is also vital for root development, as well as fruit and seed set.

Liqui-Plex Zn Label | SDS Sheet


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