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Down to the root: Cultivating plant potential

February 6, 2018

Through sustainable management practices and naturally-based nutritional solutions, growers can achieve optimal seed growth and improved plant health.

By Pinelopi Williams

The ability for a plant to reach its highest genetic potential begins before the seed is even planted. Modern seed technology is providing growers with the best and most advanced options to boost their production potential. Growers who combine sustainable management practices and the use of naturally-based solutions rich in nutrients and amino acids can provide an excellent platform for taking full advantage of these “super seeds,” ensuring seed growth and improving plant health.

Planting deep roots


The amount of water and nutrients present in the soil at planting will help provide the foundation for deeper plant rooting. The availability of water below the soil’s surface offers the new roots the ability to push deeper into the soil and expand more widely, unhindered by compaction. Well-nourished soil that is rich in organic matter also aids in deeper rooting. This increased root volume can help a plant during difficult conditions, such as drought or seasons of rapid temperature changes, and aid in maintaining plant productivity.

A well-established root system is essential because it allows for a better stand in the soil and improved water and nutrient absorption from what is present in the soil. The production of plant hormones that are essential in the development of not only the root system, but the entire plant, is another key benefit of improved rooting. 


Providing plants with the right nutrients at the right time


The application of amino acid-based products and critical nutrients throughout the growing season can help plants better react to stressors during key developmental phases when productive potential is being defined. Providing the plant with the right nutrients at the right time and in an easily accessible form promotes a decrease in the effects of environmental and other stressors, as well as an increase in plant vigor. In turn, more of the plant’s energy is put towards production.

The ultimate objective for any grower is to maximize yield potential. Today’s more natural approach to plant management can achieve this while also benefiting plant health and environmental resistance. 


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