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Tasting the relationship between soil and plant

March 7, 2018
Tasting the relationship between soil and plant

Proper nutrition can aid coffee plants in combating stressors and reaching their production potential.

Combatting stressors in coffee production

In many homes throughout the world, the day starts with a cup of coffee. Very likely, that cup originated in Brazil and, particularly, in Minas Gerais.   

Minas Gerais, the fourth-largest state in Brazil and second only to São Paulo in population, offers great diversity not only in geography, but in agriculture. Varying climates, soil types and elevations make it possible for the state to produce crops ranging from bananas and corn to potatoes and sugar cane, with coffee being the state’s number one crop.  

This variability in terrain also leads to adverse conditions for the coffee plant caused by temperature, nutritional deficiencies and higher relative humidity, which affect the final formation of the coffee. Proper plant nutrition can aid the plants in combating these stressors and reaching their production potential.

Recently, Alltech Crop Science opened a new production facility in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, which will not only increase opportunities for residents in the area, but will provide greater availability and quality of service for growers in the region.

“The city is a prime example of logistic infrastructure for Brazil, so moving to this area (the Triângulo Mineiro) will benefit many of our customers,” said Ney Ibrahim, director of Alltech Crop Science in Brazil.  

Marcelo Vieira, a producer who grows approximately 500 acres of coffee, has been using the Alltech Crop Science solutions on his operation for several years and has seen greater uniformity and improvement in plant health.

“Later, these positive aspects are reflected in the mature coffee and in the quality of the beverage and, of course, in our pockets,” affirmed Vieira.  

Vieira’s results illustrate Ibrahim’s vision for Brazil – a growing realization that better solutions and management practices lead to greater results. 

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