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Success over distress in shrimp farming

June 29, 2018

Tausif Ahmad (left), Alltech assistant business development manager, with Mr. Satti Pandu Raju (right), farmer in Andhra Pradesh, India

Mr. Satti Pandu Raju, a progressive fish farmer in Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, India, has been in the aquaculture business for over 20 years. Andhra Pradesh state is the largest producer of shrimp in India and one of the largest areas of shrimp farming in the world.

Raju farms more than 80 hectares of fish culture. He started farming shrimp culture on 10 hectares two years ago after seeing a great opportunity for shrimp in the global market.

Unfortunately, he lost all of his investment in shrimp culture on his first try.

This is the story of how he bounced back and turned a profit with his shrimp farm. 


The problem: 100 percent shrimp mortality due to elephant gill disease

Penaeus vannamei, also known as Pacific whiteleg shrimp, is an extensively cultured species along coastal India. Raju started farming Penaeus vannamei on 7 hectares — a single pond — in 2016.

At the beginning of the season last year, Raju lost approximately $60,000 due to elephant gill disease. His shrimp’s gill appearance resembled an elephant ear. Eventually, the shrimp mortality rate was 100 percent.

shrimp gills.png

The shrimp’s gill appearance resembled an elephant ear due to elephant gill disease.

In the second season of the year, Raju restocked his farm with fresh shrimp seed. Within 10 days, he noticed the outbreak of elephant gill disease again. Many other farms in the surrounding areas had the same problem.


Strengthening the immune system to overcome shrimp health challenges

Raju discovered Alltech On-Farm solutions through an aqua dealer in Eluru who introduced him to Tausif Ahmed, an Alltech assistant business development manager.  

Ahmad recommended using Bioplex® as well as Sel-Plex® to support immune response in shrimp. To resolve other issues related to growth, gastrointestinal health, water quality, ammonia and sludge, he recommended a range of Alltech solutions.


The result

Within 15 days of proper technical guidance and good management practice, 80 percent of the shrimp recovered from the disease.

By the end of the season, Raju harvested 30 tons of shrimp. Not only did Raju avoid a massive potential loss — he made $45,000 in profit.

shrimp man.jpg

 “The Alltech team gave me step-by-step technical guidance on how to make a profitable business,” said Raju. “Alltech solutions are world-class and amazing in performance. I highly recommend them.”

Currently, Raju is running his third crop of shrimp with Alltech On-Farm solutions and is anticipating another successful harvest.




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