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Soil health provides the groundwork for increased profitability in Spain

April 25, 2018

Almería in southern Spain is known as the “sea of plastic” due to the numerous greenhouse structures that cover the area. In fact, the agricultural area under plastic continues to grow in the province, currently reaching over 64,000 acres according to the latest report from Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment. 

The vast number of greenhouse acres in AlmerÍa enables agriculture to remain one of the fundamental pillars of the province’s economy. Its central location provides the additional benefit of being able to supply fresh produce to markets throughout Europe year-round.

The importance of healthy soil to maintain the viability of a greenhouse is evident in the care that growers in AlmerÍa have taken to increase organic matter and nutrient availability through the incorporation of manure and naturally based products.

Raquel Martinez, Alltech Crop Science sales representative, recently conducted a trial in one of the greenhouses in the region that routinely incorporates soil management practices. The customer was looking to maximize yield and profitability, while enhancing crop quality and plant health.  

“By incorporating the Alltech Crop Science products, an improvement in soil and plant health and nutrition was observed,” said Martinez, “which resulted in greater yield and improved fruit quality in terms of weight and color.

“The grower harvested more first-class fruit and noticed a decrease in second-class and rejected fruit,” she continued. “This translates into higher profitability for the grower.”




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