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Researching solutions to soil and plant health challenges at Grupo Toro Verde during the Alltech Crop Science field tour

November 6, 2015
Field of crops.

The Alltech Crop Science tour group learned about the plant and soil health at Grupo Toro Verde.

The Alltech Crop Science (ACS) three day field tour commenced with a visit to Grupo Toro Verde. Leaders in producing lettuce, spinach and sprouts Grupo Toro Verde manage a total crop surface area of 600 hectares. The majority of their production is exported to England, The Netherlands and Sweden. Toro Verde often encounters challenges in soil exploitation, water scarcity and poor quality, due to high salt content.

According to Antonio Alcazar, Toro Verde farm techician, their primary focus is to produce high quality produce for export, without residues. Alcazar illustrated how a number of ACS solutions are used to improve and promote plant and soil health.  Toro Verde use Soil-Set® Aid to increase the capacity of nutrient absorption and retention; ProCrop™ ISR for homogeneity, precocity, plant health and improved shelf life; and ProCrop™ Shield EU to provide nutrients essential for the defence against environmental stresses affecting crop production.

“An additional advantage to ACS solutions include being residue free, harmless to the environment and suitable for use in organic farming. In addition,  these solutions can be easily mixed and integrated with conventional treatment programmes.” said Alcazar.

“Our visit to Grupo Toro Verde has been really interesting,” said Mario Pastore, Italian crop producer. “It is great to experience the Spanish reality of crop production. I will take home some innovative ideas to Italy.”