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37+ Finds Mycotoxin Feed Contamination a Consistent Opponent

March 29, 2018
37+ Finds Mycotoxin Feed Contamination a Consistent Opponent

Alltech’s 37+ mycotoxin analysis program has run more than 5,200 tests, each searching for over 37 mycotoxins in animal feed. In many cases, these mycotoxins can individually harm the animal when consumed, but many tests showed a combination of these toxins, which can cause harm to not only the animals but the overall performance and profitability of the farm. Of the thousands of tests run, 99.68 percent of samples contained at least one mycotoxin.

You could say that mycotoxins are a consistent opponent. On average, every feed sample contained 7.3 mycotoxins. Mycotoxins have been shown to reduce feed intake, damage gut integrity and cause poor fertility. Each of these issues can be a major cost to producers, so identifying and addressing these hidden challenges is very important.

With the 37+ program, mycotoxins can’t remain hidden for long. Alltech’s Mycotoxin Management program places high value on quality, efficiency, traceability, food safety and the environment. This program is designed to reduce risk and improve safety while ensuring that mycotoxins do not limit livestock performance and profitability.

Learn more about 37+ or Alltech’s solutions for mycotoxins by visiting us at or contacting your local Alltech representative.