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Poultry Articles

Yehuda Elram: Male layer loss: The eggXYt strategy

Is there an alternative to culling male layers? Could the poultry industry avoid this costly practice? In this podcast, entrepreneur and startup co-founder Yehuda Elram explains how eggXYt could revolutionize hatcheries using CRISPR…

15 management tips for better poultry performance potential

Could you be doing more from a management perspective to protect or potentially increase your birds' bottom line?

Dr. Rebecca Delles: Winner winner chicken dinner

The U.S. poultry industry is losing millions of dollars in revenue to quality issues, including woody breast syndrome. While woody breast syndrome does not pose a threat to consumer health, it does impact poultry producers' bottom line. As…

Dr. Kayla Price: Priming hens for premium eggshell quality

Eggshell quality should be considered long before the eggs are laid. With the right management and nutrition strategies, producers can begin taking early steps to support the health of the hen and help ensure quality eggs that please…

Better birds: Improving poultry performance through nutrigenomics

Current research can paint a picture of how nutrigenomics is being applied to poultry nutrition.

Dr. Peter Ferket: Count your chickens before they hatch

The following is an edited transcript of Tom Martin’s interview with Dr. Peter Ferket, a professor of nutrition and biotechnology in the department of poultry science at North Carolina State University. Click below to hear the entire…

Dr. Karina Horgan: Chickens by design

Dr. Karina Horgan: Chickens by design

The following is an edited transcript of Tom Martin’s interview with Dr. Karina Horgan, associate research director for Alltech Life Sciences in Dunboyne, Ireland.

Better brooding: 5 focus areas for flock health

Better brooding: 5 focus areas for flock health

The brooding period is a critical time of development for many systems within a bird, and it occurs from the time of placement — even beforehand as the farm prepares for the new flock — to around t

High levels of mycotoxins in 2017 harvests: Can you safeguard your animals and salvage your feeds?

Silage samples from across the U.S., Canada and Europe have shown high levels of mycotoxins, according to the Alltech 2017 Harvest Analysis.