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Poultry Articles

Dr. Raj Kasula: Breaking the cycle: Nutrition for better egg shell quality

Older birds lay bigger eggs, which often means weaker egg shells. Can producers minimize this natural phenomenon and get more eggs to market? Dr. Raj Kasula has worked in poultry science for decades, recently spearheading a modern version…

The winners of the Alltech #iamAG photo contest each won a trip to ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference, to be held May 19-21, 2019, in Lexington, Kentucky. ​

U.S. farmers win trips to the ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference with #iamAG photo contest

The Alltech #iamAG online agvocacy photo contest showcased the beauty of American agriculture through the eyes of producers, who submitted and shared photos of their farms for the opportunity to win a trip to ONE: The Alltech Ideas…

A presidential poultry pardon

Two lucky turkeys get a free presidential pass every Thanksgiving as a benefit of this time-honored tradition.

Scaletti and Murphy: Less is more with organic trace minerals

Twenty years' worth of research demonstrates that organic trace minerals are superior to inorganic sources. So why do producers continue to incorporate inorganic minerals into feed? Are the perceived cost savings only short-term? Whether…

Don’t let hidden thieves rob your poultry operation of profit

Are you prepared to fight against threats to your feed? Learn how to defend your poultry operation from mold and mycotoxins.

A nutritional revolution: 7 changes in nutritional dogma on alternative sources of trace minerals

While many nutritionists still cling to the low-priced, traditional inorganics, organic trace minerals are fostering a revolution in animal feeding.   

Identify mold growth and protect your feed quality during harvest months

With harvest time quickly approaching, it's important to check your feed for mycotoxins and be on guard with solutions.

Cristiano Bortoluzzi (right), Dr. Mark Lyons (left)

Alltech presents student poultry research award to University of Georgia recipient

Continuing their commitment to student research and agriculture innovation, Alltech presented the 35th Alltech Student Research Manuscript Award to Cristiano Bortoluzzi, a doctoral student at the University of Georgia, during the 107th…

Yehuda Elram: Male layer loss: The eggXYt strategy

Is there an alternative to culling male layers? Could the poultry industry avoid this costly practice? In this podcast, entrepreneur and startup co-founder Yehuda Elram explains how eggXYt could revolutionize hatcheries using CRISPR…

15 management tips for better poultry performance potential

Could you be doing more from a management perspective to protect or potentially increase your birds' bottom line?