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Pig Articles

Matthew Rooda: Crushing problem: Reducing piglet mortality with ag-tech

Among the challenges faced by the swine industry, this one may not be on the radar. In reality, deaths due to sows crushing their young costs producers billions of dollars a year. SwineTech, a U.S. based startup, is solving the problem…

3 ways to prevent and treat diarrhea in nursery pigs

Diarrhea is both a serious and common issue among nursery pigs. Fortunately, with some careful attention to farm management, this issue can largely be avoided.

Dr. Kyle McKinney: The enzyme opportunity

Livestock misses out on about 25 percent of the available nutrients in feedstuffs, resulting in a $4-quadrillion loss that the ag industry can't afford as it works to feed the growing population. Dr. Kyle McKinney focuses on solutions that…