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Pig Articles

Jack Bobo - Futurist Food Chain: An outlook on the changing agricultural landscape

As a futurist, Jack Bobo works to stay ahead of consumer trends by detecting the disruptors that trigger them. We spoke with him about the rapidly changing global food supply chain, what will impact future trends in agriculture and what he…

Cady Coleman - Spacial Connection: An astronaut's insights on staying connected from any realm

Cady Coleman has spent more than 170 days in outer space on various missions and truly knows what it means to be isolated. Despite our differences, she says we are all on a mission together during these times of change and uncertainty. In…


How to reduce pig cost of production

Optimizing your bottom line while staying competitive is a challenge on its own, but add fluctuating feed costs, new regulations and an unpredictable market to the mix and the task can feel daunting.