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Equine Articles

David Cleary: Deforestation and habitat loss in the Amazon and beyond

David Cleary, director of global agriculture at The Nature Conservancy, discusses the institution's three main sustainability goals: to reduce deforestation, increase soil health and promote water conservation. Learn what these three goals…

Robynne Anderson: Changing agricultural policy on a global scale

As climate change becomes a larger issue, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and finding ways to sequester carbon in farm and food production is more important than ever. Robynne Anderson discusses her experience providing businesses with…

Equine innovations: Must-have apps for equestrians

No matter what type of equestrian you are or your affiliation with the horse world, chances are there is a useful horse-related app out there for you. Kristen Brennan shares some of her top recommendations.

Horse hay alternatives: 5 tips for facing a shortage

Don't let a limited hay supply keep you from supplying your horse with adequate nutrition. Dr. Kristen Brennan shares her top 5 tips for facing a shortage.

Mitigating mycotoxin risk: 6 ways to avoid equine aflatoxin poisoning

Livestock producers aren't the only ones who should be concerned about the potentially deadly impact of mycotoxins.

Q&A: Talking with Gerry Duffy, stud manager at Godolphin

What factors help to make Godolphin, its horses and its people a global success? Cait Brown sat down with Godolphin stud manager Gerry Duffy to learn more.

Stall-cleaning success: 5 tips for horse owners

Just a few relatively simple changes can help make stall-cleaning far less of a chore.

John Phillips: Breeding success at Darby Dan Farm

What does it take to raise a champion Thoroughbred? As the owner and operator of Darby Dan Farm in Lexington, Kentucky, John Philips applies lessons of the past to passionately advocate for the future of horse racing. He joins us to share…