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Cows lined up eating.

Fumonisin in the feed: Understanding the hidden threat to cattle health

When consumed by animals, fumonisin affects several biological systems, leading to reduced feed intake and efficiency and liver damage. If contaminated feeds must be used to feed cattle, producers may use elevators to blend corn and reduce…


Fumonisin in the feed: Understanding the hidden threat to cattle health

Reports of high concentrations of fumonisin in corn have come from Texas and other surrounding states.

Great Green

Three U.S. dairy producers experience the luck of the Irish with the Alltech and KEENAN Great Green Getaway…

Ashley Irvin from Tennessee, Hans Greisen from Wisconsin, and Mary Van Rossum from Wisconsin, were selected by a live, random draw during the 2017 World Dairy Expo to win a trip for two to Irel

Aman Sayed: The emergence of India

The following is an edited transcript of Luther Andal's interview with Dr. Aman Sayed, managing director of Alltech India and regional director of Alltech South Asia.

Milk money: Improving dairy production with fermented forages

There is no doubt that corn silage, barley silage and alfalfa haylage are the major fermented forages supporting the dairy industry in Canada and the US.

The overlooked minerals in the modern dairy diet

Mineral needs in modern dairy diets

What are they thinking?

Documenting trends is the closest thing in business to peering into a crystal ball.

Farming the Future

What does the future hold for farming and the entire food supply chain?

4 tips for stopping calf scours

Fall is here, and that means calving season is starting up again for some producers. Dr.

Steve Elliott: Redefining mineral nutrition

Trace minerals are essential nutrients. Animals must receive them every day in their diet. Research shows that organic trace minerals offer benefits for animals, consumers and the environment, and the world is taking notice.