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Dairy Cow Articles

Balancing act: Finding the sweet spot in trace mineral supplementation

Trace minerals are essential to maintaining health and productivity in livestock animals.

The missing element in your cow's forage

Sulfur appears in every living cell and plays an essential role in the health of many plants and animals.

Picky eaters: Ensuring the nutritional balance and palatability of the dairy cow diet

The dairy cow has an outstanding ability for taste and smell, so how do we help prevent her from only picking out the "treats" in feedstuffs?

Snowy stress: Ensure your calves stay warm and maintain growth in wintry weather

The heifer calf is the future of the dairy herd and will determine the potential future production of the herd, no matter what the weather. During a cold spell, calf management should be a priority on-farm.

Jay Johnston: Here’s what your cows are trying to say

The following is an edited transcript of Luther Andal’s interview with Jay Johnston, CEO of Fermentrics Technologies. To listen to our entire conversation with Jay, click on the player.

Using ag-tech to drive feed efficiency and profitable farming solutions

By Dan Gard   Big data is ready for the farm. But is the farm ready for big data?  

Cow comfort: 5-minute facial assessment

In recent years, there has been growing public concern about the welfare of livestock. Dairy farmers are, and should be, chief among those concerned about the well-being of their animals.

Bio-Mos® in the bottle: New study of calves shows more weight and milk

The pre-weaning growth of a dairy calf is a powerful predictor of long-term productivity and profitability.

High levels of mycotoxins in 2017 harvests: Can you safeguard your animals and salvage your feeds?

Silage samples from across the U.S., Canada and Europe have shown high levels of mycotoxins, according to the Alltech 2017 Harvest Analysis.