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Global Feed Survey

2019 Alltech Global Feed Survey estimates world feed production increased by 3 percent to 1.103 billion metric tons…

The 2019 Alltech Global Feed Survey, released today, estimates that international feed tonnage has increased by a strong 3 percent to 1.103 billion metric tons of feed produced in 2018, exceeding 1 billion metric tons for the third…

The winners of the Alltech #iamAG photo contest each won a trip to ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference, to be held May 19-21, 2019, in Lexington, Kentucky. ​

U.S. farmers win trips to the ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference with #iamAG photo contest

The Alltech #iamAG online agvocacy photo contest showcased the beauty of American agriculture through the eyes of producers, who submitted and shared photos of their farms for the opportunity to win a trip to ONE: The Alltech Ideas…

6 tips for managing your dairy this winter

As the temperatures drop, keep your cows warm and comfortable with these six helpful tips.

This week, a group of 140 farmers, feed industry professionals and Alltech team members are on a unique journey across Europe visiting dairy farms in four countries, in five days!

Alltech brings together European farmers on a four-country dairy farm tour

[BOLOGNA, Italy] – The Alltech Euro Tour kicked off today in Bologna, Italy bringing together dairy farmers, feed industry professionals and Alltech team members for five days of learning and netwo

Jack Rodenburg: Quiet revolution: How robotics change the dairy dynamic

Often characterized as averse to innovation, agriculture was actually one of the first major industries to adopt technology to boost productivity, particularly in dairy production. So where is technology driving dairy today? Jack Rodenburg…

Scaletti and Murphy: Less is more with organic trace minerals

Twenty years' worth of research demonstrates that organic trace minerals are superior to inorganic sources. So why do producers continue to incorporate inorganic minerals into feed? Are the perceived cost savings only short-term? Whether…

Have you herd? Smartbow uses high-tech ear tag to monitor animal health

Ag-tech startup Smartbow says they can help farmers identify health issues within the herd earlier and reduce loss in productivity.

A nutritional revolution: 7 changes in nutritional dogma on alternative sources of trace minerals

While many nutritionists still cling to the low-priced, traditional inorganics, organic trace minerals are fostering a revolution in animal feeding.