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Dairy Cow Articles

10 tips for managing heat stress on the dairy

Humidity and temperature are the primary factors of heat stress on a dairy, but what else contributes to it and what management techniques can be utilized by producers to reduce its impact? Here are 10 tips for managing heat stress in…

Alltech South Dakota donates KEENAN mixer wagon

Alltech South Dakota donates KEENAN mixer wagon in support of Feeding South Dakota

For the second year in a row, global animal health and nutrition company Alltech is proud to announce the donation of a KEENAN mixer wagon that will be auctioned off at the fifth annual South Dakota Prime Time Gala on June 23, 2018. ​​

Hot topic: Managing heat stress in dairy cows

Heat stress in dairy cows can cause decreases in milk production, immune responses and reproduction. In this podcast, Tom Lorenzen, on-farm dairy specialist, explains the symptoms to watch for and shares his advice for mitigating heat…

Keeping farmers InTouch with herd performance

In this podcast, Tom Martin speaks with Eddie Daly, business development manager at InTouch, a live nutritional support service developed by KEENAN to provide real-time feedback on diet performance. Can this cutting-edge technology improve…

Balancing act: Finding the sweet spot in trace mineral supplementation

Trace minerals are essential to maintaining health and productivity in livestock animals.

The missing element in your cow's forage

Sulfur appears in every living cell and plays an essential role in the health of many plants and animals.

Picky eaters: Ensuring the nutritional balance and palatability of the dairy cow diet

The dairy cow has an outstanding ability for taste and smell, so how do we help prevent her from only picking out the "treats" in feedstuffs?

Snowy stress: Ensure your calves stay warm and maintain growth in wintry weather

The heifer calf is the future of the dairy herd and will determine the potential future production of the herd, no matter what the weather. During a cold spell, calf management should be a priority on-farm.

Jay Johnston: Here’s what your cows are trying to say

The following is an edited transcript of Luther Andal’s interview with Jay Johnston, CEO of Fermentrics Technologies. To listen to our entire conversation with Jay, click on the player.

Using ag-tech to drive feed efficiency and profitable farming solutions

By Dan Gard   Big data is ready for the farm. But is the farm ready for big data?