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Dairy Cow Articles

Jack Rodenburg: Quiet revolution: How robotics change the dairy dynamic

Often characterized as averse to innovation, agriculture was actually one of the first major industries to adopt technology to boost productivity, particularly in dairy production. So where is technology driving dairy today? Jack Rodenburg…

Scaletti and Murphy: Less is more with organic trace minerals

Twenty years' worth of research demonstrates that organic trace minerals are superior to inorganic sources. So why do producers continue to incorporate inorganic minerals into feed? Are the perceived cost savings only short-term? Whether…

Have you herd? Smartbow uses high-tech ear tag to monitor animal health

Ag-tech startup Smartbow says they can help farmers identify health issues within the herd earlier and reduce loss in productivity.

A nutritional revolution: 7 changes in nutritional dogma on alternative sources of trace minerals

While many nutritionists still cling to the low-priced, traditional inorganics, organic trace minerals are fostering a revolution in animal feeding.   

Identify mold growth and protect your feed quality during harvest months

With harvest time quickly approaching, it's important to check your feed for mycotoxins and be on guard with solutions.

Bridging the data gap in dairy farming: The promise of digital technologies

Emerging digital technologies hold promise for revolutionizing dairy, from management of the herd to management of the individual cow.

A2 milk takes the stores by storm

A new type of cow’s milk is appearing in supermarkets across the globe that may be easier for some people to digest than traditional cow's milk: “A2 milk.”

Marieke’s cheese: It’s so gooouda!

When you walk into Marieke’s, you can sense the entire team is filled with excitement to share their delicious product and share the story of Gouda.

Laura Daniels: A voice for ag

Dairy farming has changed considerably in the last 20 years, but the consumer view of the industry has not adjusted as quickly. Can dairy farmers take matters into their own hands by sharing their story? In this podcast, Laura Daniels, a…