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Dairy Cow Articles

Alltech and Alimetrics collaborate on in vitro tool for estimating ruminal protein degradability

Meeting the protein requirements and improving nitrogen efficiency in cows under different physiological conditions can become more precise with the use of this additi

Mycotoxin management should be on every feed producer and farmer's radar.

Pat Crowley: Mitigating mycotoxins economically

Mycotoxin contamination can affect even the most well-run dairy farms. Pat Crowley, on-farm specialist at Alltech, details how farmers can reduce the cost of production on their dairy farms by detecting mycotoxins early.

InTouch and UNIFORM-Agri collaborate to drive even greater dairy farm efficiency

InTouch, the award-winning feed management platform, and UNIFORM-Agri, one of the world’s leading herd management software providers, are pleased to announce an exciting new data-sharing collaboration, empowering dairy farmers with cutting…

Jorge Delgado: Retaining talent in the dairy industry

How do you attract and retain dairy farm employees? Jorge Delgado, dairy advisor with Alltech, highlights how the labor force in dairy is changing and the importance of creating a culture of respect on farms.

R.E.S.E.T-ing the dairy industry to attract and retain employees

For all producers, one of the most important resources is farm labor. While it may not be easy to find people willing to work long hours, we should make every effort to attract and retain people to work on our dairies. 

Frank Mitloehner: Cattle, climate change and the methane myth

Dr. Frank Mitloehner has done the math on the livestock industry’s contribution to climate change. He is a professor in the Department of Animal Science at the University of California, Davis, specializing in measurement and mitigation of…

Dr. Kyle McKinney: The enzyme opportunity

Livestock misses out on about 25 percent of the available nutrients in feedstuffs, resulting in a $4-quadrillion loss that the ag industry can't afford as it works to feed the growing population. Dr. Kyle McKinney focuses on solutions that…

Dairy Cows feeding indoors

Optigen® joins lineup of Alltech solutions certified by the Carbon Trust to reduce agriculture’s carbon footprint…

As the feed and food supply chain faces continual pressure to reduce its environmental footprint, global animal health and nutrition company Alltech remains committed to helping the industry tackle this challenge. As part of this…