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Beef Cattle Articles

The winners of the Alltech #iamAG photo contest each won a trip to ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference, to be held May 19-21, 2019, in Lexington, Kentucky. ​

U.S. farmers win trips to the ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference with #iamAG photo contest

The Alltech #iamAG online agvocacy photo contest showcased the beauty of American agriculture through the eyes of producers, who submitted and shared photos of their farms for the opportunity to win a trip to ONE: The Alltech Ideas…

Makers of CRYSTALYX® launch new self-fed protein supplement for beef cattle

Developed by Ridley Block Operations, part of the Alltech feed division and the makers of CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements, CrystalBlox is a new hybrid form that combines the economical nutrient delivery and fortification of compressed blocks…

Select-a-bull: Inside Ireland’s cattle-breeding database

What if all the key players in the beef cattle chain, from breeders to market, could consult one comprehensive database for information on every animal? What if farmers could search for stock bulls, weight records and ancestry? The Irish…

Scaletti and Murphy: Less is more with organic trace minerals

Twenty years' worth of research demonstrates that organic trace minerals are far superior to inorganic sources. So why do nutritionists continue to incorporate inorganic minerals into the feed? Are the perceived cost savings only short-…

The triple threat to beef’s century-long bull run — and the technologies that could save it!

The resulting trend from the triple threat is clear: beef consumption has stagnated for the last ten years - new ways of thinking will be required. 

Alltech Coppens Aqua Centre becomes Alltech’s fourth bioscience center

The world-class research capabilities of the Alltech Coppens Aqua Centre (ACAC) and its capacity to provide a practical platform for product development and solutions for the aquaculture industry have been recognized today with the…

Have you herd? Smartbow uses high-tech ear tag to monitor animal health

Ag-tech startup Smartbow says they can help farmers identify health issues within the herd earlier and reduce loss in productivity.

The farm gate: Keeping things in or out?

Hubbard Feeds' Tyler Melroe looks closely at how the divide between beef farmers and consumers is impacting the future of the industry.

A nutritional revolution: 7 changes in nutritional dogma on alternative sources of trace minerals

While many nutritionists still cling to the low-priced, traditional inorganics, organic trace minerals are fostering a revolution in animal feeding.   

Identify mold growth and protect your feed quality during harvest months

With harvest time quickly approaching, it's important to check your feed for mycotoxins and be on guard with solutions.