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Aquaculture Articles

Dr. Katerina Kousoulaki: The future of fish nutrition in aquaculture

With global population growth and an increasing demand for fish products, the aquaculture sector is facing more pressure for seafood production. Dr. Katerina Kousoulaki, senior researcher at Nofima AS in Bergen, Norway, discusses the…

Frits Berkers: Feed innovations in aquaculture

With finite fish meal supplies and fish oil resources, can aquaculture still produce a high-quality product? Frits Berkers, manager of the Alltech Coppens Aqua Centre details why quality won’t be compromised thanks to innovations to feed…

5 tips for reducing aquaculture farm costs

For many producers, the rising costs associated with raising fish are an increasing concern. Niamh McNally shares her top 5 tips for reducing aquaculture farm expenses.