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Aquaculture Articles

How to prevent common shrimp diseases

Shrimp diseases are the shrimp farming industry’s biggest concern. In Asia, diseases cost the shrimp industry billions of dollars annually (Shinn, et al., 2018). There are numerous diseases that cause this economic loss. This article will…

SalmoSim: Building a salmon gut from scratch

What does it take to build a healthy, synthetic salmon gut? When it comes to fish nutrition, a lifetime of health and performance can be greatly influenced by the early stages of the gut microbes. Dr. Martin Llewellyn and Raminta…

12 farm apps that could change the way you work

Modern farmers have countless resources at their disposal that those who came before could only have dreamt of. If we compare agriculture today with what was the norm 10 — or even five — years ago, the contrast is staggering.