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Aquaculture Articles

Andrea Capitani - Adversity in Italy: Food production amid the crisis

As COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world, the strength of the global food supply chain must be maintained. We spoke with Andrea Capitani, business manager for Alltech Italy, who shares how those working on the…

Alltech Coppens feed

North American fish farmers to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency with specialty aquafeed

Global animal nutrition company Alltech has announced its latest aquaculture partnership with aquafeed nutrition company Corey Nutrition to provide producers across North America with a new range o

Egg in hands

An Open Letter to Governmental Officials Worldwide

There is nothing more important to us than the safety and well-being of our colleagues, customers and communities.

Fish feed

How to improve efficiency on your fish farm

Getting the right start on-farm is key to optimal fish performance throughout their lifecycle. Each species of fish or shrimp requires a nutritionally balanced aquaculture feed that is tailored for each specific stage in their development…

RAS farm

Alltech Coppens launches expert guide for Recirculation Aquaculture System farmers

Global fish nutrition company Alltech Coppens has launched a specialized Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS) guide to help farmers achieve the full potential of their farm.

Alltech Global Feed Survey

Alltech Global Feed Survey reveals first production decline in nine years

The 2020 Alltech Global Feed Survey estimates that international feed tonnage decreased by 1.07% to 1.126 billion metric tons of feed produced last

How to prevent common shrimp diseases

Shrimp diseases are the shrimp farming industry’s biggest concern. In Asia, diseases cost the shrimp industry billions of dollars annually (Shinn, et al., 2018). There are numerous diseases that cause this economic loss. This article will…

SalmoSim: Building a salmon gut from scratch

What does it take to build a healthy, synthetic salmon gut? When it comes to fish nutrition, a lifetime of health and performance can be greatly influenced by the early stages of the gut microbes. Dr. Martin Llewellyn and Raminta…