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Tom Lorenzen

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Tom Lorenzen

On-Farm Dairy Specialist

Tom Lorenzen joined Alltech in 2008 after working five years with a feed ingredient company, where he was responsible for identifying non-nutritional bottlenecks that affect quality milk production and performance. At Alltech, Lorenzen serves as an on-farm dairy specialist with a focus on dairy audits and education through milking technician schools and presentations on milk quality.

“CSI: Cow Side Investigation” columns chronicling his audit experiences are frequently published in Progressive Dairyman. He is also a regular presenter at dairy meetings and conferences.

After attending University of Wisconsin-Platteville, he taught agriculture for six years at Orfordville High School before selling TMR mixers and then working as a nutritionist for a decade. He later worked for Alliant Energy searching for stray voltage on farms and then for Bou-Matic, where he developed their udder health and sanitation program.