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Hazel Rooney

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Hazel Rooney

Hazel Rooney joined Alltech in November 2020 as the pig technical coordinator for Alltech Ireland. Hazel is responsible for the coordination and development of technical solutions for pigs for the Irish and European marketplace. Hazel works closely with the Irish sales and gut health management teams, in addition to working as a liaison between Alltech’s marketing and research teams. Hazel spends a lot of time with customers, helping them improve pig performance and overcome industry challenges, while also preparing technical articles and presentations and developing customer-specific programmes.

Prior to joining Alltech, Hazel received a Ph.D. in swine nutrition from University College Dublin and the Teagasc Pig Development Department in 2019. Hazel’s doctoral research focussed on maternal feeding strategies during gestation and lactation to optimise annual sow output and to promote the growth and development of progeny from large litters. Hazel then spent a year working as a post-doctoral researcher in the Teagasc Pig Development Department in Ireland.