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Alltech’s Symposium Press Room

All media attending Alltech’s 30th International Symposium are invited to utilize Alltech’s exclusive Symposium press room. New in 2014, Alltech will offer a curtained, lighted media lounge area in the press room for press to use for media ops. Monday’s press conference will take place on the plenary stage immediately after the opening session this year for greater convenience and flow, as well as increased space in the press room. For the media lunch on Tuesday, the press room will be hosting an overview of the latest Alltech research updates.

The press room will have six available laptops and six wired stations (a total of 12 reserved spaces). Journalists will have complete wireless access as well as access to wired connection space. At least two dedicated, curtained areas will be available for radio media.

Reserved Seating

Reserved space for media will be available in all meeting rooms, particularly the general session room. This area will be a prime location for photography and will be equipped with power outlets.


Breakfast, as well as beverages and snacks, will be available in the press room Monday through Wednesday, and lunch will also be available on Monday and Tuesday.

Materials and References

Upon onsite registration, press will receive a full agenda and the 2014 Symposium media kit, which will include Alltech’s corporate profile, Dr. Lyons’ bio and contributing speaker bios.


Media will exclusively receive their registration packets in the press room, to avoid the long lines in general registration. Alltech staff will be available in the press room for registration, beginning on Sunday.

Formal press events will be held daily throughout the event:

Monday, May 19
11:30 AM
(immediately following session)
Alltech Executive Press Panel; Medal of Excellence Plenary Session Stage (New in 2014)
Tuesday, May 20
11:30 AM
(pending morning schedule)
Innovation Lunch
Focus: Overview of latest Alltech research in several key areas.
Each presenter will give 5-7 minute overview followed by 5-10 minutes of open Q/A.
Press Room
Wednesday, May 21
Pending Media Availability Young Scientists TBD

Additional Events

We will be offering a media exclusive final tour of the brewery/distillery on Sunday afternoon. An informal happy hour in Shrewsbury Pub will follow.