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A Letter to Your Boss

We know you DON’T want to miss this year’s Symposium! Yet, when travel budgets are increasingly tight and schedules so rapidly fill up, convincing your boss that it’s worthwhile to send you can be a challenge.

If you’re looking for help formulating the words that will provide good information about the conference and strong arguments about how attending will benefit both you and your company, look no further.

Below, we’ve provided a template for a letter to your boss. Copy and paste, customize accordingly, and hit send! You’ll find a link to downloadable format as well for your convenience.

Dear [Your Supervisor's Name],

I would like to attend Alltech’s 30th Annual Symposium May 18-21 in Lexington, Kentucky.

It will be an engaging experience and an interactive forum to discuss and consider the biggest challenges and opportunities in agriculture today. With agriculture being recognized as the new horizon, and with the shortages of food, Alltech is asking, what can we do to address it?

The conference presenters at this popular annual event will explore the question of “What If” in sessions focusing on Crop Science, Life Sciences, Africa, Business and Technology, Modern Farming, and The Algae Opportunity.

  • How can we use value-added branding to improve productivity?
  • What if improved nutrition provided one extra pig per litter or 5,000 liters more milk per cow?
  • Can we be guided by programs and recommendations built on data from 30 years ago?
  • Unleashing Africa’s Potential: What does the future hold?
  • What if microbes replaced pesticides in crop management, thus improving yield while at the same time reducing pollutions of the atmosphere.
  • What if we really had a world free of cancer? Could nutrigenomics make this a reality?

There is simply no replacement for the power of real-time, live experience. I believe there will be countless opportunities for getting in on cutting-edge conversations with business people, farmers, technology gurus, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, journalists, government officials, and food and feed industry experts that will benefit [Your Company Name].

Thank you for taking the time to consider my request to attend, as well as the impact that this opportunity holds for me and [Your Employer's Name]. To learn more about Alltech’s 30th Annual Symposium, please visit the conference website at