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Life Sciences

Featured Presentations

The simple facts about inflammation: Addressing this hidden killer which threatens your well-being via multiple disease pathways
Michal Toborek, University of Miami, Miami, FL, USA


Revelations about the metabolic basis of disease: Unifying the causes and treatments of our present-day pandemics: Alzheimer's disease and diabetes.
Ronan Power, Alltech Inc. Nicholasville, KY, USA



Additional Presentations

What if a pin-prick diagnostic test could accurately determine your risk of major disease in minutes and save your life?

How will we cope with the implications for your health – and your health insurance?

Are we on the fast track to extinction?

Detecting and mitigating the agents in air, water and food that lead to precocious puberty, male infertility and mid-life health crises

The changing landscape of innovation in the human health industry

What if the days of big pharma, as we know it, are numbered or gone?