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Succession planning—so you built a business, now what?
Damien McLoughlin, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland


The Middle Kingdom on center stage: The new China you need to know
Mark Lyons, Alltech Inc., Beijing, China


The way forward to create jobs, retain talent and create wealth.

Additional Presentations

Instant Gratification: Connecting to the future world

With the new world of instant access online all the time, what will the work life balance be? How will we be able to capitalize on technology to differentiate our business? Will we even have a computer in the future? How can I have technology that will be 10 years in the future, today?

What if we took the guesswork out of one of your company's most crucial decisions - hiring!

Did you know that the cost to a company of making a bad hiring decision is twice what the employee's initial salary was? Did you know that 85% of companies in the Fortune 500 use psychometric testing as part of the interview process? How can your company use these tools to make sure that you have the right people riding the right bus in order to reach your goals?