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The Algae Opportunity

Featured Presentations

Is Omega-3 DHA the link between human health and wellness – if so, what does it mean, are we getting enough, what has to change?
Patrick Wall, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland


Is the food chain starving the consumer of Omega-3 DHA – if so, what is the food industry doing about it, is it sustainable, and does the consumer know?
Philip Wilkinson, 2 Sisters Food Group, Harrowgate, Yorks., UK


Additional Presentations

Gazing into the crystal ball and seeing algae – why all the sudden interest in the most amazing of all microbial opportunities?

From fish oil replacement to fuel oil replacement. Is algae the future? Why has the smart money been invested here? The algae pharmaceutical revolution, a source of new medicines, new raw materials and its role in bio-remediation. Could algae overcome oil pollution in the Gulf? Is algae an opportunity? With 70% of the world’s oxygen coming from this microorganism, are we aware of this jewel in the microbial crown?

The essential need for Omega-3 DH A; No longer the overlooked nutrient

Requirements vs. supply. Shifts in eating habits. Consequences of insufficient DHA consumption. Where DHA comes from today and tomorrow. Human requirements: from the food chain to livestock production.