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Land of Opportunity: Africa

Featured Presentations

Cases of African business success, Examples from Diageo, VP Group, and Zambeef
Damien McLoughlin, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland


Borlaug and the Green Revolution: What’s next for Africa?
Julie Borlaug Larson, Norman E. Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture, Texas A&M, College Station, TX, USA


The agricultural revolution occurring in Africa and the big issues it faces; GLIMPSE as a model for investors in Africa, What do land grabs mean?

Additional Presentations

Panel Discussion - The new Africa: A panorama of seismic changes

Why did China invest $100 billion in Africa from 2010-2012? What are their plans? Can you find the right people , the right managers in Africa? What is the AABC? Nigeria - soon to be the world's third largest country - what are the issues for investors in Africa?

Panel Discussion - Where to invest? In what to invest?

Harvesting the future of Africa: Crops, fuel, fruits or flowers? Is Africa ready to feed