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Alltech Annual International Symposium


Tuesday, May 22


The Alltech Young Scientist Award
This program has grown exponentially to more than 8,000 participants annually, which is a testament to the excitement it is generating in our universities throughout the world. Join us in celebrating the 2011-2012 winners and help our program grow as we encourage the efforts of our future scientists.

Presented by Inge Russell, Professor, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland; Adjunct Professor, University of Western Ontario, Canada; Co-founder and co-editor of Critical Reviews in Biotechnology


Topics include: Feeding 9 billion people; Is Africa the new Brazil? What are the implications of the African land grab? What’s next for Biofuels? Water - the fight for natural resources; Protecting the rainforests; Educating urbanites about agriculture; Dealing with groups hostile to agriculture; Solutions for obesity; Organic labels; What “Local” really means; For Tom and Anya, what does the future world look like?

- Tom Arnold
CEO, Concern, Ireland

- Sean Rickard
Senior Lecturer in Business Economics, Cranfield University, UK

- Dr. Marcus Vinicius Pratini de Moraes
Former Minister of Agriculture and Food Supply of Brazil, Brazil

- Tom Dorr
CEO of Grains Council in Washington DC, USA