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Alltech Annual International Symposium


Tuesday, May 22


Alltech Advantage Happy Hour


Discussion Dinners: A time for delegates to discuss current industry topics over dinner. Dinners take place at Lexington Convention Center and Hyatt.

A time for you to network and discuss current industry topics over dinner. Join your peers at one of these dinners:

1. Creating Raving Fans: How can you embrace the digital world for your business?

12. Programmed to Succeed: How to increase efficiency and produce foods that consumers want

2. The Algae Revolution: Real opportunity or yesterday’s news?

13. Safety - The key ingredient in pet foods: New developments and technologies to enhance owner peace of mind

3. The Aqua Dilemma: Feed price or health and performance - can we have both?

14. Producing Pork: Satisfying consumer needs or maximizing profit?

4. What Consumers Want in Beef: Meat quality - smart starts where?

15. Processing vs. Nutrition in Poultry: Which has the greatest impact on the bottom line?

5. Sustainable Crops: Natural or conventional?

16. Career Discovery: Achieving excellence and making a difference

6. If a Horse Could Talk: Nutrition or genetic factors - which is the key to performance?

En Español

7. The Carbon FoodPrint: Perception vs. reality - how much is branding and how much is changing operations?

17. Calidad de Leche - Estrategias para alcanzar la rentabilidad

8. Food Smart: Food safety - a consumer priority or a profit driver?

18. ¿Cuál es el futuro del consumo de carne? - ¿Cómo promover su cadena de producción?

9. The Cloud: Are the days of the in-house I.T. department over?

19. Rediseñando la nutrición avícola - ¿Cómo alcanzar el máximo desempeño?

10. Milk Models: High yield or high return? Wisconsin or New Zealand, who is right?

20. Producción avícola - Tendencias que impactan sus ganancias

11. More than 30,000 kg/66,000 lbs of milk per cow, per year: If one cow can do it, why can’t they all?

21. Producción Porcina - ¿Qué busca el consumidor en la carne? ¿Dónde inicia la calidad?


Kentucky Ale Open House at Alltech’s Lexington Brewing Company