Nikki Putnam

Nikki received an undergraduate degree in Dietetics with a minor in Spanish from Iowa State University, and afterwards, completed an internship with the Iowa State University Dietetic Institute. After becoming a registered and licensed dietitian, she began a career with Hy-Vee, Inc., a grocery retailer based in the Midwest. she recently completed a graduate degree in Nutritional Science with a clinical application emphasis at University of Kentucky. she has worked on human nutrition research at Iowa State University, the Prevention Science Institute, Instituto de Investigación Nutricional, and University of Kentucky.

As the registered dietitian nutritionist for Alltech, Nikki will be working closely with the marketing, public relations and social media teams to develop and promote Alltech health and wellness messages; including writing articles, giving interviews and presenting our company as a resource for credible human nutrition information to health and industry professionals, retailers and consumers. She will also spend time making connections with other dietitians in the industry, developing educational tools for grocery retailers and creating kits introducing our products to retail dietitians.