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Alltech Expert Receives Brazil’s “Technician of the Year” Award

Winston Giardini, Ruminant Technical Manager for Alltech Latin America, receives the Agroleite 2014 trophy as “Technician of the Year "from Marcos Bertolini, mayor of Castro.

[CURITIBA, Brazil] – Winston Giardini, ruminant technical manager for Alltech Latin America, was awarded with the Agroleite 2014 Trophy, a prize that rewards the best performers in Brazil’s dairy business. The initiative acknowledges the contributions the recipient has made at each dairy production stage, from on-farm activities all the way to the final consumer.

Guiardini was appointed “Technician of the Year” at Castro, Paraná, Brazil at the Memorial to Dutch Immigration, one of the largest Dutch mills in Latin America. Several government authorities and members of the Brazilian agribusiness sector attended, as well as managers and business professionals from the dairy production chain.  

"I am pleased and honored to receive this award. I want to thank all the cooperatives in the region for the lessons learned, the support of my family, my peers, and Alltech, for giving me the opportunity to continue growing,” Giardini said.

Giardini graduated from de Maringá State University, specializing in dairy cattle from the International Livestock Management School, Semex, Canada. He then obtained a graduate degree in animal nutrition and reproduction from Paraná University and a master’s degree in business administration from Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture (ESALQ /USP).

Giardini has been with Alltech Brazil for nine years, beginning as a technical consultant for the sales team. Then he became sales manager for the Paraná and Santa Catarina region in Brazil, providing technical support to other managers. In 2012, he became the national technical manager, providing support to other countries, including Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Currently, he is the ruminant technical manager for Latin America.