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Alltech Expands North America Mineral Management Team

[LEXINGTON, Ky.] – Global animal health and nutrition company Alltech is proud to announce the promotion of two marketing colleagues to its North America Mineral Management Team. Carolina Hall accepted the position of global mineral management marketing manager while Megan DeRose advanced to the North America mineral management marketing manager role.

Hall is now responsible for the implementation of mineral communication strategies and supporting the sales force by developing customer engagement initiatives and marketing programs around the world. She has been with the company for more than five years and previously worked as the Latin America marketing coordinator for Alltech’s organic trace mineral brands. She also led the poultry marketing program, the largest business segment in Latin America. A native of Bogota, Colombia, Hall has resided in Lexington for ten years and is currently based at Alltech’s Global Headquarters in Kentucky.

Before joining Alltech, DeRose began her professional career as the North American product manager for T-HEXX Animal Health, New Jersey. While there, she mainly worked in the dairy industry, managing products such as teat dips and hoof baths. DeRose relocated to Pennsylvania in March of 2012, and was hired as Alltech’s territory marketing coordinator for Pennsylvania and Ohio, where she helped to run local campaigns, promotions and events. In her new role, DeRose will oversee the North America mineral marketing communication strategy and support sales throughout the United States and Canada.

Hall and DeRose join Dr. Roger Scaletti, Alltech North America mineral management team technical support and sales, and Steve Elliott, Alltech global director of the mineral management division. Scaletti’s research background is in trace mineral nutrition and its role in mastitis and immune function in dairy cattle. In particular, his doctorate project examined the effects of copper source on overall copper status, in vitro lymphocyte and neutrophil function and an in vivo intramammary E. coli challenge. For the past 20 years with Alltech, Elliott has centered his efforts on the impact of trace minerals, particularly selenium and its potential for improving the health of regional cultures through animal production and human nutritional intervention.

“Hall’s and DeRose’s appointments represent Alltech’s continued commitment to the North American agriculture industry and our further development of our mineral program worldwide,” Elliott said. “As an industry, we now understand the role organic minerals play in animal production and, without a solid mineral program in place; we can have mineral deficiencies leading to decreased performance in our livestock.”