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Alltech Analyzes 1,000th Feed Sample

[LEXINGTON, Ky.]- If you can’t see them, they must not be there.  That was the old school of thought on mold and mycotoxins being present in our livestock’s feed supply. Today, after three decades of research and recent advances in the field of mycotoxin testing, we can now detect more than 37 different types of mycotoxins, and many producers around the globe are taking heed and getting their feed tested.

Established in September 2012, the Analytical Services Laboratory powered by Alltech   recently processed their 1,000th feed sample. The lab, which utilizes LC-MS/MS analytical technology, has allowed Alltech to gain valuable insights into mycotoxin levels and trends globally with unrivalled specificity, sensitivity and breadth.

Alltech’s 37+ Program provides a tailored, species-specific risk assessment of the expected impact on animal performance based on the mycotoxins that are found during analysis. It then recommends a mitigation strategy through balanced nutrition, feed management and the addition of functional carbohydrates.

“The most significant aspect of this milestone is the quality of data we have accumulated. Virtually 100 percent of the feed samples analyzed worldwide contain multiple mycotoxins. Individual mycotoxin levels detected by methods with less specificity and sensitivity than the technologies we use may not always identify the source of poor animal health,” said Steve Mobley, manager of the Analytical Services Laboratory, powered by Alltech.

“However, the cumulative, additive and/or synergistic affects of multiple mycotoxins in the diet, regardless of guideline or regulatory levels, can result in mycotoxicosis symptoms and detrimental erosion of animal productivity,” said Dr. Max Hawkins, Alltech Mycotoxin Management Team. “The need to detect and quantify multiple mycotoxins at low levels should be the industry’s key concern and, from the tremendous response to Alltech’s 37+ Program, I believe the industry is taking heed.”

An entire track will be dedicated to mycotoxins at GLIMPSE 2020: the 29th Annual Alltech International Symposium in Lexington, Ky., USA, May 19-22.

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For more information, or to request an invitation, contact a local Alltech representative, visit or email