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Alltech Continues to Invest in Research in Asia-Pacific

[BANGALORE, India] -Global animal health company Alltech and Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University (KVAFSU) have officially launched the KVAFSU – Alltech Nutrition Research Alliance program. The unique partnership will focus on finding strategies that can increase the efficiency of milk production in order to meet the demands of a growing Indian population.

Alltech has successfully collaborated with top academic institutions throughout the world to build research alliances, find long-term answers to key issues facing agricultural industries through science and educate the next generation of scientists. To date, Alltech has solidified more than a dozen global research alliances, including a $2.5 million investment in a five-year research alliance program with five key Chinese universities and research institutes last November.

“We are very excited to work with KVAFSU. They are a prestigious, well-established university with a vision that is very similar to what Alltech has about the future of dairy health and nutrition,” said Matthew Smith, director of Alltech Asia-Pacific. “India is one of our top markets globally, and the research alliance with KVAFSU demonstrates Alltech’s commitment to the industry in India and furthermore in the Asia-Pacific region.”

The research alliance with KVAFSU will focus on specific key areas, aiming to address emerging challenges using cutting edge technology. Some of the programs under the alliance include:

  • A new and innovative laboratory technique (in vitro method) that will allow rapid screening of various specialized feed additives/ ingredients, while studying their effects on improving the health, fertility and milk yield of dairy cows and buffaloes.
  • Supporting student research projects and assisting in developing future dairy industry leaders in India. Furthermore, the KVAFSU– Alltech Nutrition Research Alliance ruminant lab will educate and assist Indian dairy farming communities through planned lab visits.
  • KVAFSU has made several contributions in the area of economic feeding practices using unconventional ingredients. KVAFSU will continue to invest in quality control research on clean milk production and milk processing.

“The research alliance will contribute to this noble cause of creating a sustainable livestock production in India and, at the same time, to strengthen livelihood security of rural farmers,” commented Dr. Hemantkumar Pandey, research specialist, Alltech India.