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Alltech Crop Science Ready to Grow in Canada

[LEXINGTON, Ky.] – Four of Alltech’s crop science products have received approval from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Agro-MosTM, Soil-SetTM, Crop-Set® and Grain-SetTM are now registered as micronutrient fertilizers in the Canadian agronomic market. While each product has a different source of micronutrients, all of the products are used to treat micronutrient deficiencies.

Fuelled by the power of yeast, Alltech Crop Science products offer a viable alternative to conventional agrochemicals.

“Successful agronomic practices are now a balancing act between meeting the consumer demand for fewer chemicals and trying weather conditions, all while attempting to increase yields with less land,” said Geoff Frank, CEO of Alltech Crop Science. “It all starts in the fields and field health. It starts with nutrition.  It starts with protection, and it starts with performance.” 

Actively focused on research and development, Alltech Crop Science provides natural-based products, technical information, and solutions for agronomic and horticultural challenges facing producers worldwide. For nearly twenty years Alltech Crop Science, formerly known as Improcrop, has conducted research on 69 different crops in 29 countries to form the scientific basis for its products.

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