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Alltech Partners with AgroSup Dijon to Advance Equine Digestive Health

[RENNES, France] – Alltech and AgroSup Dijon, a leading French equine academic institute announced a three-year strategic partnership as it commenced its 27th Alltech European Lecture Tour. The aim of the partnership is to advance equine digestive health through research.

“Maintaining intestinal health is important for horses to perform optimally. The intestinal tract has a large surface area for the absorption and digestion of nutrients. An under-nourished or unstable intestinal tract results in poor digestion, increased exposure to toxins and depressed defense systems, which can lead to a reduction in nutrient absorption and increased morbidity rates,” said Dr. Karl Dawson, chief scientific officer at Alltech. “The collaboration with AgroSup Dijon is designed to accelerate advances in the prevention of equine digestive health disorders with an initial focus on digestive physiology, diet formulation and supplementation strategies for the equine athlete.”

(pictured left to right): Dr. Karl Dawson, chief scientific officer; Prof. Véronique Julliand, head of equine research, AgroSup Dijon and Marc Larousse, vice president, Alltech pictured signing the three-year strategic research partnership to advance equine digestive health research.

This alliance establishes an infrastructure for equine digestive health research, enabling our researchers to easily collaborate,” said Prof. Véronique Julliand, head of the Masters of equine science and business programme and head of equine research at AgroSup Dijon. “Both parties will benefit from the combined expertise and resources in the interests of accelerating pioneering equine research.”

“In support of its equine vision Alltech is committed to delivering digestive health solutions and to being the partner of choice to the 1,000 equine athletes that will be competing at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy,” said Marc Larousse, vice president, Alltech. “As a Frenchman I am particularly proud of the Alltech-AgroSup partnership which shows our commitment to research and development and to delivering these solutions in France and throughout the world.”