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Alltech’s 27th European Lecture Tours Calls to Stay Curious in a Changing World

[DUNBOYNE, Ireland] – Curiosity has put men on the moon, sequenced the human genome, seen physicists complete a decades-long search for the Higgs boson and now it has led us to precision nutrition, epigenetics and a nutritional revolution. What’s important now is that we stay curious, we are not there yet.

Climate change and global warming are becoming more and more of an issue as droughts hit North America and heavy rains sweep across Europe. Carbon taxes are already common and there is a pressing need for agriculture to become more efficient, profitable and sustainable. Technology will be the great leveller in the future, it will be the difference between who gets ahead and who gets left behind. We must stay curious, challenge the status quo and embrace new technology.

With this in mind, Alltech presents the 27th European Lecture Tour – Stay Curious: Can Advanced Nutritional Technology Deliver EPS (Efficiency, Profitability and Sustainability)? ELT 2013 will run from the 11th to the 21st of March 2013.


Stay CURIOUS – Building a Sustainable Business to Meet Global Nutritional Needs
As governments across the world look towards agriculture to feed billions of people, to maintain a safe food supply and to be sustainable but also profitable, how do we respond?

CURIOUS about Branding: Making our Mark on Agriculture
Discover how you can brand your way out of the crowd in an increasingly competitive and interconnected world.

CURIOUS about Nutrition – Unleashing Europe’s Hidden Potential
Why aren’t we getting more pigs per sow, more eggs per chicken, more milk per dairy cow? Farm incomes are dropping and crop yields are dwindling, but Europe has more to give.

Creating CURIOSITY in Tomorrow’s Generation
With breakthroughs like nutrigenomics and algae, and new demands arising such as sustainability and carbon foot printing, now is the time to inspire the next generation of scientists and agronomists to get into agriculture.

“Concerns about feed, feed ingredients and the effects of high performance rations on the environment, finite resource depletion, animal welfare, health and, ultimately, the health of consumers themselves, have come to the fore and placed feed in the spotlight. In order for producers to remain efficient, sustainable and profitable we need to revolutionise the way we feed our animals and our world. Join us in March as we share new technologies and ideas that will pave the way for the future of the agricultural industry,” said Pat Charlton, vice president Europe, Alltech.

“We have the technology and the resources to revolutionise the world that we live in, all we need now is curiosity and the will to change. The environment has become more unpredictable than ever before and feed prices just keep on rising. There is very little room for error, however with advances in science like the gene chip and nutrigenomics, we can be confident in using solutions that work,” said Dr. Pearse Lyons, president and founder of Alltech.

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