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New LIFEFORCE Brands Specialize Nutrition for a Range of Equine Lifestyles

[LEXINGTON, Ky.] - Alltech has targeted the specific dietary needs of horses at every stage of life – from the active show horse to the retired pasture companion – through its new LIFEFORCE Range of all-natural equine supplements.

An expansion of the original LIFEFORCE Formula™ introduced in 2009, Alltech has developed LIFEFORCE Focus™ and LIFEFORCE Elite™, forming the LIFEFORCE Range. Each specialized supplement delivers the right balance of natural ingredients to optimize digestive health for horses of a specific lifestyle. The LIFEFORCE Range includes:

  • The new LIFEFORCE Range of all-natural equine supplements provides the right balance of nutritional support for horses of every level of activity. 
    LIFEFORCE Focus™, which maintains the health of the leisure, low-maintenance or senior pasture horse.
  • LIFEFORCE Elite™, which provides dietary support to help manage stress and maximize nutrient intake for the highly active sport or work horse.
  • The original LIFEFORCE Formula™ that serves the breeding horse, enhancing reproductive performance in mares and stallions, and boosts overall health for the moderately active pleasure horse.

“As most horse owners already know, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to equine nutrition. Every horse’s dietary needs will depend on his level of activity, his age and his job,” said Kevin Tuck, Alltech’s global manager of equine nutrition. “Recognizing the need for specialized nutritional support, Alltech has developed two new LIFEFORCE supplements, creating the LIFEFORCE Range. The ingredients in these products are customized to different stages of equine activity, ensuring a well-balanced, healthy digestive tract for the sport horse, the leisure horse and the breeding horse.”

The LIFEFORCE Range complements a proper equine diet by securing hindgut health, creating a stable digestive environment, promoting nutrient absorption and strengthening the immune system. Backed by more than 32 years of scientific research, the LIFEFORCE Range delivers results including more consistent feed intake, an increase in healthy bacteria in the digestive tract, stabilization of the horse’s natural pH, boosts in antioxidants and improved body and coat condition. The LIFEFORCE Range is available in 5-kg pails and should be administered in 1-ounce portions twice a day.

The LIFEFORCE Range is available for order by calling 1-800-578-9234. Further information on the products, including testimonials from users experiencing great results, are also available at

Alltech Equine Heroes Campaign

Leading up to the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy, Alltech will shine the spotlight on hard-working, under-recognized members of the equine community through its Equine Heroes campaign. Visit the Equine Heroes Facebook page to nominate an “Equine Hero” at your barn or organization. Equine Heroes will have a chance to win prizes including gift baskets, vouchers, equestrian merchandise and tickets to equine events each month. In addition, the Equine Heroes website will provide highlights from the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy, as well as information about digestive health and an ask-the-expert forum.