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Alltech and Shaken Udder - Helping Dairy Cows Help Us

[Dunboyne, IRELAND] – Alltech is proud to share the news that Shaken Udder, producer of consumer dairy products, launched two new selenium enriched milkshakes, during the International Cheese show in Nantwich, United Kingdom, on the 25th July 2012. These milkshakes, Britishberries and Strawberry Stash, are naturally enriched with organic selenium from Sel-Plex, one of Alltech’s most innovative products, via the dairy cow’s feed.

The selenium enriched milk comes from dairy herds that are participating in the Healthy Herd Programme set up by the NEMi group (Naturally Enriched Milk innovations). NEMi is a group of specialists, including Andrew Henderson, dairy nutritionist, and Steve Leonard, veterinary surgeon and wildlife presenter, who have come together to simultaneously improve the health of consumers and cows. By feeding dairy cows with organic selenium, in the form of Sel-Plex, they are supporting the herd’s health and immunity while also increasing selenium levels in the milk. Fayrefield Liquids collect the milk and distribute it to Shaken Udder, who produce the milkshakes. The selenium enrichment in the milkshakes helps support the immune system of people and contributes to antioxidant activity.

“In the UK we are not reaching our RDA of 55µg of selenium and one bottle of Shaken Udder will give us the final 15% of selenium we are missing, to achieve our recommended daily selenium intake,” said Leonard.

“The NEMi group and Shaken Udder have very cleverly implemented the use of the European Union’s approved human health claims for organic selenium such as Sel-Plex. They have found a niche in the market and are differentiating themselves via their branding and health claims which are easily understood by consumers,” says Katrine Thordal-Christensen, Global Brand Manager of Sel-Plex, Alltech.

“We have been working on the Healthy Herd Programme for the past eight years, in partnership with farmers, animal nutritionists, local vets and scientists from Edinburgh University and Alltech,” said Henderson. “Shaken Udder presents the result of the NEMi group’s passion and determination to support the immune system of cows and consumers.”

Shaken Udder’s selenium enriched milkshakes are produced without any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and should be consumed as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.