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Former Alltech Intern Recognized at World’s Poultry Congress

LEXINGTON, Ky. (June 12, 2012) A former Alltech intern will be recognized for her work at the upcoming World’s Poultry Congress in Brazil. Rebecca Hall was an intern during the summer of 2011, and worked on two poultry projects while at Alltech.

Hall submitted her written abstract to the World’s Poultry Congress and received notification that she will be awarded a student program award while in attendance. Hall’s abstract was based on a lab project she completed with Dr. Kristen Brennan of Alltech. Hall is a student in the Agriculture Biotechnology program at the University of Kentucky.


Rebecca Hall

Hall said, “I feel very honored that I was able to work for Alltech and submit my work to the World’s Poultry Congress.  I am very privileged that my research was chosen for the student program, and that I will be able to travel to Brazil to present my research and represent Alltech.”


The title of Hall’s abstract is, “Effect of Zinc Source and Level on Zinc Transporter mRNA Levels in the Small Intestine of 21-day Old Broiler Chicks.” Not only will Hall be traveling to Brazil for the conference, the award allows her to spend the week prior to the conference on a tour of the southern Brazilian poultry industry.

Alltech’s senior research scientist Kristen Brennan said about Hall, “Rebecca was a great asset to our group and worked on two very interesting projects in poultry while at Alltech. The study she will be presenting on looks at how zinc form can impact the expression of this family of genes in poultry. We are proud of Rebecca and we wish her the best in her future career endeavors.”

The 24th World's Poultry Congress will be held from August 5-9, 2012 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Alltech will be located at booth number 155.