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Alltech Teams Up with The Beef Connection for Kentucky Beef Blitz

[Lexington, Ky.] – Kentucky cattlemen have a new opportunity to take a holistic, natural approach to growing superior livestock and successful businesses thanks to a new strategic partnership between Union, Ky.-based Beef Connection and Nicholasville, Ky.-based animal health and nutrition company, Alltech.

This relationship will bring Kentucky cow/calf operations a business-minded approach to cattle production based on proven technologies and practices in the areas of genetics and genomics, data retrieval, and feeding and nutrition.

Robert Sand, CEO of The Beef Connection and cow/calf producer, contributes his expertise in the area of traceability, genetic assessment and data analysis in cattle operations, while Alltech brings more than 30 years of research in animal health and nutrition and a proprietary solutions-based approach to feeding cattle to help them reach their full genetic potential naturally. The combination results in a unique opportunity to improve herd health, quality and the bottom line.

“This is a turnkey business solution for the cattle industry that puts the power in the hands of the cow/calf producer,” explained Sand. “Not only can this enhance the performance of the herd, it provides critical information to the farmer that allows them to make strategic business decisions based on accurate data, which can positively impact the profitability of their operations and ultimately provide the best returns on their investments.”

This strategy also includes applying well-established business practices such as statistical process control and continuous improvement to cattle operations.

Alltech’s proprietary nutrition pack provides natural solutions that aid with reproduction, mineral retention, herd health and sustainability. The program is designed to help producers achieve maximum results from their herd by unlocking the genetic potential of their cattle, improving herd health, animal reproduction and feed efficiency.

“The bottom line is through this program, producers can improve quality and sales,” said Jorge Gotuzzo, beef marketing manager for Alltech. “Many times cow/calf operators don’t realize how gene expression will affect their cattle once they are sold to the stocker or feedlot. This program offers traceability for the performance of the animals, while providing the tools to help producers adjust their program early on to improve herd quality.”

The Beef Blitz will begin in early June; with representatives visiting more than 600 Kentucky farms to provide more information about the program. Following the blitz in Kentucky, there is the potential to bring this turn-key cattle business solution to other regions. More information about the program is available at