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Voice from BBC Tells Bio-Mos? Story!

Alltech is pleased to announce the release of their new Bio-Mos? animation narrated by Jack Fortune from the BBC programme Horizon. This well-recognized voice explains the inner workings of one of Alltech's leading products on the market.

This animation highlights how Bio-Mos, a natural growth promoter derived from a select strain of yeast, functions in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract of animals. Bio-Mos is used around the world as a standard feed ingredient for improving GI health and integrity, both essential for animal health and performance. Bio-Mos has a defined mode of action that is scientifically supported by universities and research institutes around the world, and is brought to life in this animation.

For over 12 years, Bio-Mos has been revolutionizing animal diets worldwide and is supported by over 400 research trials (university, peer-reviewed and practical field studies). Quality control is critical for success and Bio-Mos is ARC certified. This quality control method from Alltech, exclusive to Bio-Mos, is based on true biological activity and guarantees consistency with every batch of Bio-Mos. ARC further supports Alltech's commitment to manufacturing reliable and traceable ingredients.