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Turning Crisis into Opportunity a key focus for Alltech's Asia-Pacific Lecture Tour

[Bangkok, THAILAND] - ??"In order to move forward, we need to look at the recent volatility and inconsistency in the agri-feed industry not as a crisis, but as an opportunity," said Alltech's President, Dr. Pearse Lyons, as he spoke during the company's Asia-Pacific Lecture Tour recently.? "Agribusiness leaders need to turn negatives into positives and take steps to improve the reputation of our industry.? We can emerge stronger from these turbulent times and turn current crises into opportunities" he said.

Over 2,000 animal feed industry professionals gathered at 22 meetings throughout Asia-Pacific over a two week period to attend Alltech's 22nd Asia-Pacific Lecture Tour.? The participants came to hear from Dr. Pearse Lyons and other speakers about new technologies that can help producers overcome some of the challenges facing the agriculture industry today.

Dr. Lyons started the tour in Tokyo, Japan on Monday, 15 June, challenging the audience to be leaders in the industry - not followers - as they are faced with what he calls the "sustainability crisis". ?He spoke of John F. Kennedy, who once talked about being aware of a danger in a crisis, but never forgetting to recognise the opportunity.? "We need leaders who can absorb the uncertainty of the current situation and bring their teams and businesses forward," Dr. Lyons said.

Representing Alltech's Research and Development team, Dr. Richard Murphy, Research Laboratory Coordinator, Alltech Ireland, and Dr. Karl Dawson, Director of Worldwide Research, Alltech, brought excitement of nutrigenomics to audiences around the region, highlighting the effects nutrition can have on gene expression. ?"By understanding what is occurring at the gene level, we can tailor our programmes to ensure the best possible outcome for our animals.? Nutrigenomics is showing tremendous potential for animal production systems - it's a whole new world!" exclaimed Dr. Dawson.? They explained the science behind Alltech's latest research efforts, including the rapid development in 52 days of EconomasE. "EconomasE and what we are learning with the gene chip is redefining vitamin E nutrition."

Dr. Alison Leary, Alltech Asia-Pacific Technical Manager, explained how in the face of continuing concerns over the availability and cost of traditional ingredients corn and soya, the power of solid state fermentation is enabling feed millers and integrators to unlock the energy stored in fibre.? She highlighted the ability to achieve diet flexibility and therefore assist with profitability.

Mr. Arturo Frio, Technical Sales Manager and Regional Bioplex Champion, Alltech Philippines, outlined the effect of nutrition and how it can have an impact on immunity.? Mr. Frio shared with the audience the results of a recent survey Alltech has undertaken throughout the region. "The results were really quite alarming, of 60 samples of inorganic mineral premixes 74% had contamination with at least one heavy metal. This has been shown to have not only an impact on animal performance but also on consumer safety." Mr. Frio also discussed trial results which showed a reduction in sow abortions by two thirds, an improvement in piglet health status and a reduction in mortality throughout the grow finish stage when contaminated inorganic minerals were removed and replaced completely with Bioplex minerals.

Dr. Jules Taylor-Pickard, Alltech Global Mycosorb Manager, discussed the dangers of mycotoxins to animals - and ultimately human food.? She also highlighted the differences in the many mycotoxins found in the food chain, and the need to select a high quality binder which can work across a broad-spectrum of mycotoxins.

Mr. Aziz Sacranie, Alltech Technical Director Poultry, explained to the audience that there is no reason to use inorganic mineral sources. He demonstrated that the organic minerals found in Bioplexes? and Sel-Plex? can provide all nutrients in a form designed to optimise production and health. He highlighted that Bioplex minerals enhance the breeder as well as maximise chick performance.

Other highlights of the tour included the Kentucky Experience Cocktail reception in Japan, where delegates were the first in Asia to taste Alltech's new Bluegrass Sundown coffee liqueur.? The excitement for next year's Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games was also a highlight at each stop.

Global winners of the prestigious Alltech Young Scientist Award were also recognised in Korea (Hossan Mohammed Salim, regional winner of the undergraduate award) and China (Fan Lue, global undergraduate award winner).

The global animal health and nutrition company's annual tour covered 22 locations in 13 countries over two weeks, concluding in Cairo, Egypt on Friday, 26th June.