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Training tour for poultry industry begins

[Lexington, Kentucky] - The poultry sector is rapidly developing and expanding, therefore, topical issues such as biosecurity, performance and production costs are some of the key priorities in relation to genetics, nutrition, health, management, handling and distribution. The key to successful poultry production is carrying out effective management practices and optimizing nutrition.

Alltech will address some of these issues during its second Latin American Poultry Tour, which is part of its Natural Solution Program for the poultry industry. The tour, carried out by some of the most renowned specialists in the poultry sector, consists of a series of practical and technical presentations and workshops on key industry issues. The topics include:


  • Alternatives to antibiotics
  • Ingredients and nutrients to improve gut quality in poultry
  • Breeders: Focus on improving egg shell quality
  • Layers: Weight control during breeding, egg shell quality, forced shedding and vaccination post-shedding, and heat stress.

So far this year, the tour has visited three countries in Latin America:

  • Colombia, February 6-8
  • Peru, February 22-24
  • Chile, March 28-30

It will continue on to:

  • Mexico, May 2-4
  • Argentina, June 6-8
  • Venezuela, June 20-22
  • Costa Rica, September 5-7
  • Ecuador, October 10-12

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