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Taiwanese Government Support Education on Importance of Organic Selenium to Human Health

Alltech, a leading animal feed supplement supplier, was granted USD$10,000 by the Taiwanese Government to host a conference on organic selenium (Sel-Plex?). The meeting, which took place on Tuesday 29 June 2004, focused on the advantages of selenium enriched foods for human health. Delegates were invited to sample some foods fortified with Sel-Plex.

Speakers at the event included:

  • Dr. Huang Shih-Yi, Director of Nutrition and Health Sciences Department, Taipei Medical University.
  • Mr. Tsai, Huang-Lang, Legislative official.
  • Mr. Ioannis Christodoulou, General Manager of Alltech Thailand
  • Dr. Sirpha Chen, General Manager of Alltech Taiwan
Few scientific stories in the past 10 years have been as exciting as the selenium story. It's a story that has dramatic implications for the health of each and every one of us.

The speakers highlighted how medical research has shown that many western diets are lacking in selenium, an essential element, required to keep the body healthy. Selenium helps to protect against certain forms of cancer, cardiovascular disease and other infections. There is also evidence, which associates selenium with lowering the risk of heart disease, brain diseases such as dementia, alzheimer's disease, arthritis and HIV among others.

Increasingly, the ideal method of taking selenium is through our everyday food sources such as milk, eggs, meat etc. By supplementing the animal's diet with Sel-Plex, the benefits accrue not only to the animal, but also to humans ingesting products from these animals.

Recognizing the importance of this essential trace element and in an effort to help distribute the message to the animal feed industry, the Taiwanese Government will fund an additional USD$30,000 for further meetings over the next year. Alltech is currently generating ideas to support the further education of the Taiwanese population on the vital role selenium plays in human health.

Sel-Plex is the only organic selenium to have undergone a thorough United States Food & Drug Administration review and has received approval for the use in the U.S. in dairy, beef, layer, broiler, turkey and pig diets.

Since its inception, Alltech has made continual product research an integral part of product development and have a strong commitment to sharing the most up-to-date research and technical information with customers on a region-specific basis.