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Symposium Highlights Creative, Innovative Approaches to Elevating the Feed and Food Industries

[Lexington, KY] - Participants at Alltech's Annual Feed Industry Symposium were introduced to and updated on some of the most creative and innovative research going on in the feed and food industries today. Held May 23-25, in Lexington, Kentucky, the symposium opened with Alltech President Dr. Pearse Lyons challenging the industry to embrace the New Realities of our current business environment and take advantage of solutions coming out of the scientific arena. Quoting business guru Peter Drucker, Lyons' presentation issued the following charge to participants: "Exploit the changes that have already occurred and use them as opportunities."

Lyons listed the following as the New Realities:
· High ingredient prices
· Total traceability
· Consumer uncertainty about animal proteins
· Antiobiotic bans
· Environmental laws
· Mycotoxin/feed quality impact
· Genetics/nutrition gap
· Reduced government/industry research funding.

After his opening remarks, Lyons presented the 2005 Alltech Medal of Excellence to Dr. Mingan Choct, professor of animal nutrition, CEO-Australian Poultry CRC, University of New England, Australia. Professor Choct received the award in recognition of his extensive work in cereal chemistry and enzyme supplementation of food animal diets. His findings were highlighted in his presentation on "bringing food to the table and profit to the farm: the role of biotechnology in alternative feed ingredient utilization".
The morning session closed with keynote speaker David Byrne, EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection (1999-2004), who addressed the consumer's ultimate concern: food safety and traceability.

Following on the industry challenges outlined by Lyons, the symposium species meetings addressed these issues along with solutions such as:
· Alternatives to antibiotics
· Mycotoxin adsorbents
· Organic selenium sources
· All-natural mineral nutrition
· Ways to optimize immunity

On Tuesday afternoon, the 2005 poster session opened, presenting more than 270 scientific posters from researchers across the globe; and Dr. Richard Weindruch examined caloric restriction and aging, while Dr. Thomas Prolla focused on Nutrigenomics - examining dietary selenium and gene expression. Drs. Weindruch and Prolla are from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

For 25 years, Alltech has been researching and providing all-natural nutritional solutions to the challenges of the animal production industry. With the proven success of brands such as Yea-Sacc?1026, Sel-Plex?, Bio-Mos?, Mycosorb?*, MTB-100?, Bioplex?, and Sil-All?, the company's global product line is a unique example of how all-natural technologies backed by constant research can move the industry forward.