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Swine Nutrition Professor Receives Alltech Medal of Excellence

The 20th International Feed Industry Symposium opened in Lexington, Kentucky, Monday to an audience of 1,300 international delegates representing the global animal feed industry. The delegates were invited to 're-imagine the feed industry' with the help of ground-breaking research and the application of science.

Dr. Pearse Lyons, President of Alltech, welcomed the group and highlighted the need for creativity, innovation and branding within the animal feed industry. "Sustaining growth, achieving consumer confidence, while remaining competitive, are just some of the challenges facing today's feed companies," commented Lyons. He explained that for companies in the animal feed industry to survive and thrive, there are four key rules to be followed:

Rule # 1: Don't delay - be first to embrace new technologies
Rule #2: Exceed the customer's expectation
Rule #3: Think (and apply) outside the box, and
Rule #4: Plan for relentless growth, capitalizing on the strengths of your people

Dr. Charles Maxwell, professor of swine nutrition at the University of Arkansas, won the prestigious Medal of Excellence award for his contributions to nutritional strategies for animal health and performance. Dr. Maxwell presented his most recent research, which concentrates on the pig's overall health. "You have to have a healthy pig or you're not going to get the performance - no matter what you feed it," said Maxwell. "The most logical mechanism for increasing production is protecting the pigs from microorganisms in the environment." This focus has lead Maxwell to research the effects of Bio-Mos on various stages of pig production. His work with Bio-Mos has demonstrated health and performance benefits in sows, nursery, and grow-finish pigs, including improved weaning weight, improved pre-weaning mortality and improved nursery weight.

Referring to the recently formed nutritional research alliance between Alltech and the University of Kentucky during the Symposium Opening Session, Dr. Lee Todd, President of the University of Kentucky, called the relationship a 're-imagining' of the industry that represented 'the ideal interaction between academia and industry.' It is expected that the program will take advantage of the ongoing research programs in the University's Department of Animal Sciences, and also allow for the development of some innovative research initiatives that will change the way scientists view nutrition.

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