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Selenium Animal Nutrition Breakthrough: Sel-Plex?

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has recently approved the addition of Sel-Plex, selenium yeast from Alltech, for inclusion in animal diets at up to 1ppm.

Kim Turnley, Alltech General Manager in Australia, commented, "We are proud to provide Australian poultry and livestock producers with a proven, safe selenium source. The new APVMA approval of levels up to 1ppm should give producers confidence and facilitate the ease selenium supplementation through the use of Sel-Plex."

Registration with the APVMA follows approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States, which allows Sel-Plex to be incorporated into feeds in the US. This approval follows eight years of rigorous evaluation of Alltech's extensive data showing efficacy and safety, as well as proprietary manufacturing and quality control processes for Sel-Plex. This exclusive process is the only one approved by the FDA.

Selenium, often limited in modern diets fed to food animals, is an essential part of the body's antioxidant defence system and is needed for normal growth and reproduction. Sel-Plex moves selenium supplementation forward by providing the mineral in the natural form in which it occurs in forages, grains and oilseeds. Alltech believes Sel-Plex is a unique, powerful nutritional tool to help producers profitably deliver high-quality products to market.

"The APVMA approval comes on the heels of 14 years of research conducted at collaborating universities and research institutes worldwide. The value of using Sel-Plex as the preferred form of selenium supplementation has been proven in animal health, growth efficiency and reproduction", said Dr. Pearse Lyons, President of Alltech.

Since its inception, Alltech has made continuous product research an integral part of its business. Through cooperative relationships with universities and the company's own Bioscience Centres, Alltech brings international research to a local level. Alltech employs 15 people in its Australian office, striving to provide quality products and customer support to the Australian poultry and livestock industries.