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Rumen "space generator" receives approval in Latin America

[NICHOLASVILLE, Kentucky] - Global animal health company, Alltech announces that its new product Optigen 1200? has been registered for sale in Mexico and Brazil, two leading Latin American dairy markets. The product, also sold in Saudi Arabia, China, and Southeast Asia, is already selling at full production capacity leading Alltech to search for a second production facility.

Optigen 1200 has been described as a "space generator" as it delivers 274% crude protein on a dry matter basis, thereby creating space in the diet that can be used to meet specific goals such as lowered feed costs, increased milk production, and improved ruminal function.

"The people of Latin America and the Middle East have seen the benefits of Optigen 1200 and are sold; so much so that we already have a team in place looking for a second production facility," states Alltech President Dr. Pearse Lyons. "As this product becomes more mainstream, we look for it to elevate dairy production by maximizing the diet's nutritional value."

Optigen 1200 is a polymer-coated, prilled non-protein nitrogen. The nitrogen release is by diffusion into the rumen at a slow and even rate. Certain rumen bacteria, particularly fiber-digesting bacteria, have a nitrogen requirement for growth. A constant and steady supply of nitrogen to the rumen is essential for optimal fibrolytic bacteria populations.

Optigen 1200 is available exclusively from Alltech, a global animal health company that employs 1,500 people and represented in 85 countries around the world. It will host its 21st International Feed Industry Symposium, in Lexington, Ky., May 22-25, bringing more than 1,300 feed industry professionals together from around the world to discuss the latest advances in animal nutrition.